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Pricing | Studio Rules

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Although trainer schedules are as accurate as possible when posted for the month, they are subject to change without notice. Please remember you are ultimately signing up for a class time, not a particular trainer.


$30    One Class
$125  Five Classes
$230  Ten Classes

Books of Classes valid for one year from purchase date. Subject to all rules and restrictions below.


Unlimited Week (Valid for 7 days, one class per day.)– $69

Unlimited Monthlies (Valid for 30 days, one class per day.)–

$149  New Members only, 1 month limit
$199  no further commitment

Limited Monthlies (Valid for 4 consecutive calendar weeks, where a “week” begins Monday, ends Sunday. One class per day. See note below.)–

$89    One class per week
$159  Two classes per week
$179  Three classes per week

NOTE: If you activate your Limited Month on a Friday, you will only have Saturday and Sunday to use the rest of your allotted classes for that week. Those three days will count as your “Week One”. Classes do not roll over.

*All Memberships are activated from the date of the first booked class (not the purchase date). If unused, all Membership Packages expire one year from purchase date. Subject to all Rules, Terms, and Conditions below.

FREEZE OPTION: You may freeze your membership package if you know you will be unavailable for classes (out of town, etc.) for a $25 fee per time block if 1) you email us in advance (absolutely no retroactive freezes) and 2) the cumulative suspensions per package do not exceed the length of time of the package purchased.


One session       $85
Five sessions      $405
Ten sessions      $785

One-on-one training is the best way to get acquainted with the Lagree Method and the Proformer and to customize a regimen precisely for your body. Email us at to schedule.
For children under 18, one-on-one sessions are required. They are not allowed to participate in Group Classes.


$155 for you and a friend, only $10 each additional friend! Ten students max.

Chartered classes are perfect for couples, employee group activities, or a unique and exhilarating treat for your groomsmen or bridal party!
Request your favorite trainer. Set it around your own schedule.
Email us at to schedule.


– Socks with rubber grip soles are required to take classes. They are available at the studio for $16.
– Newcomers: Arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to receive proper orientation of the Proformer and the Lagree Method. For your own safety and to keep from distracting fellow clients, you will not be allowed to participate in class if you are late. Again, if you are not 10 minutes early to your first class, you cannot participate and you will incur a Late Cancel fee.
-Returning Clients: If you are more than 15 minutes late, your spot will be given to a standby client. You will be charged a Late Cancel fee but your class will be returned to your package.
– A valid credit card must be on file at all times to collect any accrued Late Cancel/No Show fees and unpaid class balances. If your card is not valid, you will be locked out of your membership, with no restoration of lost time, until a valid credit card is provided.
There are two types of cancellation charges: Late Cancel and No Show. If you cancel within 8 hours of your scheduled class time, a Late Cancel fee of $15 will be assessed. If you do not cancel nor attend your class, a No Show fee of $25 will be incurred. In both cases, the session will be returned to your account and may be rescheduled, per your purchase terms. Loss of class credit cannot be substituted for penalty fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
– All sales are final. All expiration terms are final. Purchases are not refundable, exchangeable, nor transferable.
– Classes must be prepaid and booked online.
– A class may be canceled if no one has enrolled in it 3 hours prior to start time.
– Schedules are posted for the following month midway through the current month.
– Children under 18 years old may only partake in private one-on-one sessions and must be accompanied by parent during first visit to sign Waiver and Release form. Advancement into Group Classes depends on skill and trainer approval. Please email or call the studio to book.
– Children under 18 are not allowed in the studio at any time (unless during an arranged Private Session).
– Animals not permitted in the studio.