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The Lagree Method

STRENGTHEN. TIGHTEN. TONE. Lagree Fitness is an innovative, dynamic workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely – all in a 50-minute workout based on simple, easy-to-learn exercises. The Lagree Method is not traditional Pilates. It is a vigorous fitness program that fuses the principles of Pilates with strength training, cardio, resistance and counter-resistance for full body conditioning.


HIGH INTENSITY. PROVEN RESPONSE. The key to achieving muscle definition is to exert them to failure. Developed by Sebastien Lagree, our workouts are performed on a Proformer™ platform and involve a series of concentrated exercises to isolate and exhaust specific muscles. Get maximum exertion with low risk of injury. Burn more calories per minute and experience a much stronger post-exercise reaction (“Post Cardio Effect”). After one of our workouts, you’ll continue to burn calories and at an even higher rate – up by 33% – than during class!


THE PAYOFF. The Lagree Fitness workout delivers. Achieve a lithe and powerful body resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life. Be ready to work hard and sweat hard, but get the strength and tone you desire – both mentally and physically. This 50-minute, high octane, shirt-drenching workout will improve strength and muscular endurance, increase cardio respiratory endurance, jump-start the metabolism, improve flexibility and postural alignment, and change your body’s composition.


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The Lagree Fitness pilates system has been recognized by various institutions, including Pilates Style Magazine, Fitness Magazine, In Style Magazine, Self Magazine, E Entertainment, Access Hollywood, and Regis and Kelly.