Tina Salumbides is a Lagree Method instructor certified by fitness visionary and founder, Sebastien Lagree. Before she discovered Pilates Plus, Tina couldn’t commit to any particular physical fitness regimen despite being dedicated in other avenues of life – a psychobiology degree from UCLA, rebuilding a house from the foundation up, traveling the world. After a single Lagree Method class, she was a believer. Now, years later, she is both an instructor and studio owner — paying the gift of health forward. She looks forward to sharing Lagree Fitness and showing you just how powerful your body can be in and out of the studio.

Mony Revel is a certified Lagree Method instructor trained by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree and has taught at his founding studio in West Hollywood. A committed athlete her whole life, she counts ballet, track, and tae kwon do as her foundations. Mony loves the Lagree Fitness system for its high-intensity, low-impact workout and the impressive results it produces. A dedicated Pilates Plus practitioner, Mony jumped at the opportunity to open a studio. She is proud to bring Pilates Plus to West LA.